I am here to tell you some childhood ideas I got from Ariana. The games I appreciate are Mario Kart, Skylander’s Swap Force, and Super Mario Bros 3 but Ariana – a visitor – played Mario Kart 7 and Skylanders when she was young. Do you know that her father invented Skylanders?

Her favourite game she liked to play was Mario Kart 7.

The first Skylander game was Skylander Spyro’s Adventure that was released on October 12th 2011. Mario Kart was published on December 1st 2011. The first Nintendo console was the Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as NES. It came out 33 years ago on the 15th July 1983.

Some old people never played video games, instead they enjoyed the great outdoors. This was a positive thing because nowadays people are losing the skills to communicate with each other. One problem is that these days people don’t encounter each other in person but through technology. This means that it is easy to abuse someone’s feelings and cause distress because you haven’t met each other in person.

The second Nintendo console was Super Nintendo Entertainment System, also known as SNES. It was launched in the 1990s in Japan. The first Nintendo graphic was terrible. The images were too pixellated and didn’t look very clear. These days the graphics are astonishing and look tangible, like Mario Kart 8.