My School Life


Last Thursday, we went down stairs to the ground floor of Hackney Pirates and asked people questions about their childhoods. Most of their childhoods were very interesting but Tara’s stood out the most so today I’m going to compare both our childhoods together.

My school life is really fun and interesting. I love all my subjects and all of my teachers are really nice but I love English the most. Although all the books we read are so good and the jokes you get from the children are so funny I always seem to laugh, I always get in trouble every time I laugh but I still get on with my work. I also like maths because I think it’s really important, and although I struggle in maths I still enjoy it and I always come home with something new that I learnt in maths. Both of my teachers are really nice in maths and they really help me.

Tara’s childhood at school also seemed really good. Some of the subjects I’m into, she was also into. Tara likes maths and drama which I really enjoy because I want to be an actor. But Tara didn’t like sports, which I really do enjoy because I like keeping fit and I like playing basketball, football and ping pong – these are all so fun for me!

I found this really interesting as well because she used to go to a boarding school in London, which I would love to do but I don’t think I could go that long wit out seeing my mum and my dad. I think it would be hard not seeing your parents for long; I don’t think I could cope with that.