My Hobbies


I’m not sure what your hobbies are, but my active hobbies include dodge ball, bull dog, red rover, football, basketball and dance. I normally play them at school, or near the car park downstairs from my flat. I don’t only like active stuff, I also like calm hobbies, like singing for example. I like singing because it can calm me down when I’m annoyed; it also makes me get a job done quicker. That’s me!

But Stacey, on the other hand, likes dancing the most; Tara likes outdoor games that could be played collaboratively; and Philipp likes football, because it takes his mind off negative things and also because it gives him confidence!

Some facts I have found out about climbing and cycling will be shown next. Firstly, climbing can be done inside and outside; outside is harder than being inside because inside things are tested and nothing will break. However outside there are weak bits of the mountain that could break and you could drop and die or be injured. Another fact about climbing is that there are different types of climbing. One is called Top Rope climbing – when you climb from a rope that is already attached to the climing wall, which is much safer. Another climbing activity is Lead climbing – when you climb with a rope below you, then you attach the rope to the wall each time you achieve a couple of steps, which is more dangerous. The last type of climbing is Solo climbing – when you hold onto two rocks on an overhang and jump down into the water, which is the most fun but on the other hand the most dangerous.

Facts about cycling will be outlined next. Cycling was introduced in the 19th century. People who cycle are called ‘cyclists’ or ‘bikers’. Did you know that there are approximately one billion bikes worldwide?