My Favourite Job

My favourite job would probably be my fantasy job, like making games, making gfx or fx and graphic designing. I have already started gfx and making money because I sell my gfx.

My Mum has made me a student account on her to paypal so all the money I make goes in my student paypal. But my fantasy job would probably be making games and making music like different beats. Probably dubstep because it would be quite a fun job to do and making money for it would be the best thing.

Because I am really creative, I could actually work with all these big people now and maybe meat DJ Khaled and might actually be better than him at making music! But that will only happen if I keep on practicing because I am already quite good at it already. My fantasy dream has always been making music and meeting all these big people like Fetty Wap, Adele, Drake and Rhianna help them with new beats in their music.