My Favourite Animal

What is my favourite animal?

I have loads, so I might as well just say it, but my favourite animal is a lion because they are powerful and they remind me of Lily because she loves fighting and her first name begins with an L.

My second favourite animal is a panda because it’s my second name but I haven’t seen them in real life so I don’t know if I have a fear of lions or pandas.

My third favourite animal is a cheeky monkey because it reminds me of how cheeky most of  my friends and siblings are, but I haven’t really seen cheeky monkeys in real life but still I love the way they swing on trees and move around, because they have a lot of energy.

My fourth favourite animal is a flamingo because they are really tall and they remind me of Lily again because she is really tall and she also fast just like them but they are also very healthy because they drink water from the sea or lake but they are still healthy even though it is salt water.