Music Is My Favourite Subject

School Subjects

Music is simply my favourite subject. I love music! And this is why I play two instruments. Keep reading and find out!…
Well, the first one I started playing was the flute, and I am actually a professional Flutist! I love the fact that I know how to play the saxaphone as well. But I have more than one favourite subject. I enjoy literacy, and that is because I love writing. I love reading as well, and did you ever think about how amazing this is?… You just look at tiny, or BIG symbols, (letters) and you get to know a lot just by scanning them. This is awesome!

What it is like for others? Ii know it’s different for you lot when you were the same age as me. School for you was definitely a lot tougher. I was trying to find out as much as I could about other people’s lifes. So what I’ve found out was: that when you were bored of a subject, you were not very focused. And you must have found it hard to concentrate. But nowadays, they make lessons fun and entertaining.

More facts that I’ve researched: in school in the early 1900s, lessons were very hard. Children always had to be on their best behaviour. Otherwise teachers used to hurt children with rulers when they were being naughty. Well, I’m glad I didnt go to school in those days. As punishments, children also had to write ‘I will not’…whatever the punishment was. But a HUNDRED TIMES!

Something else I found out was that children had to bring their own packed lunch, because there wern’t any school lunches. They had drink, from a dirty old bucket filled with water, and older boys, (nowadays we would call them prefects) who tell their youngers how much to drink, so others had a choice to drink as well. So after I’ve read this, I thought, “Their teachers were a bit too strict and there should be a rule of equality”.