Me & My School

Hi, my name is Sila and I’m going to give you facts about me and my school.

I started school at age 3 (primary). When I was young I used to love school because there was no homework, and I had more freedom!


But soon I grew up, and I suddenly had more homework and was busier!


When I started my secondary school, I was very excited. But eventually I got used to it and I’m not excited as I was at the first day. But don’t worry, I still like my school. Well, even though I don’t like the homework and some specific lessons, I still like it!


In my research about school, I learnt that Staecy started school at 2000, but she didn’t like her teachers and her teachers didn’t like her! Eventually, in year 9, Stacey was kicked out of her secondary school, which was in Stoke Newington, and went to another school. She was very crazy!


But on the other hand, Kahlua was opposite of Stacy. She grew up in New-Zealand, and she started school in 1983. Kahlua loved school and her favourite lesson was art.