Listening To My Favourite Music

Listening to favourite music

Listening to my favourite music is so fun,especially when you find out about different music in other languages and from other countries. I listen to my music from my laptop,iPhone and iPad.I would listen to them every day if I could. I listen to music with my earphones.

I love singing along and I am a REALLY good singer but my brother isn’t. He is so bad at singing he sounds like a whale trying to scream!

During my reserch,I have spoken to my volounteer who was a child in the 1980s, which is really cool! He listened to music on the radio and when he heard a song that he really loved he would get a record of the song and play it on his record player. IT’S TOO MUCH HASSLE! I am so happy that I have an ipad because it makes life much easier! His father would shout at him because he would play the music too LOUD!Ouch! Maybe he should’ve used some headphones!