Like A Funfair


What it is like for me?

School is fun for me like a funfair! And my favourite subject is exciting maths. I like maths because you can learn new things.

In creative art, you can learn how to be as good at drawing as a famous artist. The teacher I have is kind. Also i have friends that I play with.

At school you can learn new things, it is fun when you learn new things. Sometimes at school we do lots of fun activities with our class. Some of these activities happen outside.

What is it like for others?

Some schools are extremely tiny and there are a many children inside. For others their teachers are very strict. Also for others, their schools are not that strict and people are much kinder to you.

Some facts I have researched: 100 years ago

, some children were lucky because they did not have to work and they went to school. 100 years ago their school was diffrent to how it is now. The teacher was very strict however, now it is strict or the lovely teachers are kind.