Leisure Time

I have been looking at people’s leisure time. My favourite leisure time activities are sitting in bed and watching YouTube, playing on SIMS 4 and sleeping. The reason for this is I am very lazy. I have been asking some people what they like to do in their leisure time.

Markars: (1980 Germany)

Markus was born in Germany in 1980 some of his leisure time activites where: listening to music (CD’s and vinyl) and playing football. He also watched lots of shows from the U.S.

Lauren (1990 America)

Lauren was born in the US and she loved doing a lot things. Some of the things she did are: swimming and reading (her favourite book was The Secret Garden). She played pretend house and pretend school. Some of her favourite foods are pizza and mac and cheese.

Laurida (Essex, Colchester)

Lauren was born in Essex and she loved playing games. Some of her favourite leisure times were playing Monopoly, reading, writing. She loved reading the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and playing her Gameboy. Her favourites foods were fish and chips, especially by the sea.

Some research

I did some research. The first monopoly board was in 1935. The first Lego set was in 1932. The first Marvel comic was in 1961. I would love to ask all of yee pirates!