Japanese Food

Japanese food

The word for meal in Japanese is gohan. This word actualy means steamed rice because rice is in many traditional Japanese meals.

A traditional Japanese meal has rice along with a main dish (often cooked vegetables), soup (miso soup) and pickled vegetables which they eat for breakfast.

Japanese people today eat dishes from all over the world mostly Europe, North America and Asia. Japanese people eat bread, noodles and pasta and enjoy a wide array of meats, fish, vegetable and fruits.

Sushi , tempura, sukiyaki and others Japanese foods are famous abroad and, of course, famous in Japan. They also have also have a type of pudding that is jelly like, and has chocolate on top and custard at the buttom , it is called purin.

Also in McDonalds they have burgers with cherry blossoms inside. In Japanese school the children have to take packed lunch, which is called a bento – it is a single portion as it is only for one person.

A traditional bento has rice, fish or meat with pickled or cooked vegetables.
Street food culture is less prevalent in Japan compared to other Asian countries like Thailand or Taiwan. One typical street food called Yakitori describes small pieces of chicken served skewered and grilled. Chicken thighs and wings are often used. The skewers can be made of chicken liver, skin, small intestine or cartilage. Also, there is another type of street food called okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake.