It’s SUPER Scary


What is ice-skating like for me?
Well I love ice-skating so much.It’s exciting and fun to do.Sometimes it’s SUPER scary, but sometimes really cool. For me ice-skating can be both hard and easy. Ice-skating is a treat for me and it’s mostly for special days like my birthday. I can skate fast and slow.

Also the BEST thing is,I live right next to an…….ICE-RINK! Most Saturdays I go ice-skating. It’s the the best day to go there.

What is ice-skating like for others?

For some people,ice-skating is really hard, but some are very confident at it. Also, some fall and this might make it harder for them. Other people don’t have an ice rink near their houses, so some don’t go very often.

For other people,sometimes it takes them a long time to learn and for them to leave the edge. Other people learn to ice skate by themselves, but my dad taught me how to ice skate because he’s really good. Some really need help from their friends, family, sister, brother, or cousins and they finally learn how to skate.

The famous people I’ve researched about are: Robbin Cousins, Jane Torville and Dean Christopher.These famous skaters all one a GOLD medal. The people who become champions are mostly Russian!

I’ve also researched about when ice-skating first started. Do you know when?! It started 3,000 years ago! The next thing I’ve researched about is that, in the past, skating shoes were made of bone! One last thing I want to tell you is that in the 13th and 14th centuries, the Dutch made skates with steel for blades.