Ice Sculpting

What’s fun for me is ice sculpting, playing instruments [I like to play piano, viola and the drums] and singing. I enjoy listening to Undertale and The Living Tombstone. My friends are really kind to me. Olivia is helping me speak Polish. I watch Nurrdie Nummies.

What is it like for others? Some people like to joke argue but then it might get in to a serious fight. A lot of people play PS2, but playing hide and seek is the best especially when you dont like baths!

Some interesting research:
In Japan, they wake up at around 5 or 6 A.M.
for breakfast. When they are early they have a nice type of soup or rice but when they are late they just eat cereal. In Egypt, they play a lot of basketball or wach TV
. There are often a lot of American shows are on e.g Simpsons and Family Guy.