I love playing

I like to play with a Frisbee in the park on Saturdays, I love playing with my friends on a sunny day.

When it is raining, my mum does not let me go to Shoreditch Park, instead I play at home where I can just play myself at football. I also watch TV when I am bored, but when I am really bored I just go on the computer or I just keep busy by doing my homework.

When it is my birthday, my mum promises that she will give me an ultra saber that lights up when you press one simple button and it kind of looks like a stick.

I have one bike and one scooter. Well, when I got the scooter it was a lot faster and I was joyful that I got it. I love playing games like the Xbox 360 and 3DS. I love playing action games.

When Derek was a kid, he liked playing with his friends. They played on bombsites and liked that. Well,everyone is different.