How to be cool.

Pizza! Outside! Disney! Pigs!
That is what I think about when you have to be cool.You need, I mean need, a phone[smart phone]because you won’t be in with the crowd [a saying for cool]. You need to be a leader because you want people to act like you, not in a bad way, in a good way.

In the olden days [I mean the really olden days, not like 1978] there was no such word as cool, it was actually a saying called ‘in with the crowd’, which I just mentioned.

One of the guests mentioned winkle pickers [SAY WHAT!] Well I went on a little expedition to find out what they were. Winkle pickers are basically Peter Pan shoes, they have a long pointy toe area. Here’s why I will never wear winkle pickers: they are too pointy! And my friends would probably run away screaming “where did your coolness go?”

Playing basketball made you cool in Albie’s time.
If you know Minecraft, you should know Pigs. And if you don’t, get out of town! Basically, Minecraft is a game full of blocks. 3D blocks to be more specific. Pigs are cool because they Oink! “Oink” said the pig.

Disney is cool because it has cool TV shows, such as: Gamers Guide to Pretty Much Everything. And they have a boy called Cameron Boyce from Jesse. Yay!

If you choose to be a happy, cool kid you are the best person that ever lived! Thank you, Enrique [pronouced En-ri-k].