Homework Every Day

Hi my name is Bartek and I’ll tell you about all the awesome things I like and don’t like. I really like to play on my Xbox 360 but on the 3rd of March my mum gave me an Xbox One for my special day. The thing I don’t like is going to school because we get homework every day and not like in primary school where you get it every Friday. This depends on the teachers, some of them are really mean however some are really nice.

Anthony- He is 33 years old and he was born in 1983 and he used to like drama as a child in school (just like me) because his teachers were very nice. The final thing is that he liked Michael Jackson and he really wanted to be like him and follow in his footsteps.

Tommy- He is 22 years old and he goes to a university. Also he has a girlfriend. He has a sister and two brothers, when Tommy was a child his favourite subject was P.E. and his best and favourite shoes were Nike. Also, at the time, the best game that he had was a Gameboy advanced. His favourite food was, and still is, chicken and also he wasn’t any good in MFL (Modern Foreign Languages).