Hit The Quan


I like listening to the radio. My favourite song is “Hit the Quan”, it’s Hip-Hop. Before I watch Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeway, I sing “Hit the Quan” louder than a cockeral in morning.You can hear me booming it out from the street! But I still never wake up my lazy brother when he’s snoring like a pig that’s eaten too many burgers.
I also like Tiny Tempah’s music because he writes interesting lyrics. Maybe next Halloween I will dress up as Tiny Tempah!

When I did an exploration into music with my pirate friend Shane, I discovered that he likes Elvis Presley and he even makes his own music. How cool is it to make your own songs? Shane likes Hip-Hop too just like me. I wasn’t even alive when Shane started listening to Hip-Hop in 1983. Shane is the Hip-Hop king.

My other friend Helen also loved Elvis Presley. She grew up in Zimbabwe where she played the thumb piano and was woken up each day by the sound of drums from the street. Even though she has lived in England for most of her life, she can still hear the familiar beat of the drums in morning. I hope you got some inspiration from my music log.