History of games

The History of Games

Just like any other boy, I play consoles and
sometimes old computer games.Considering I play mostly futuristic games, I am more comfortable with new games but they’re
sometimes a nuisance. I think nothing can
get better than new games.

Old games are artifacts in the history of games.

Some of the physical hardware of the present, such as the X-box, the PS4, and also the Nintendo Wii, are different from the one and only Ninento Gameboy and also the child-friendly Tamagotchi.

People normally play futuristic games because of the graphics. Some games, such as the Sims 4 Simulator, have successfully achieved the great graphics we love and adore.

What will games of the future be like? There’s a game you can play where you wear glasses and you are actually in the game. It’s called Occulus Rift. This is the beginning of the future of games – virtual reality.