Hiding is fun.

Hiding places are fun, because you get to hide prized possesions within them without anyone being aware of its whereabouts. You can hide precious things you don’t want people to know about. Some of the things I like to hide are chocolates, sweets, drinks, video games and lots of money!

My favourite hiding places is the cupboard in my room because my mum never checks there. So I hide sugary thing like choclate, drinks and skittles.

For others, hiding places are perfect because you can hide stuff without other people knowing its location. Some people use safes so people can’t get to their stuff.

I found out you can hide valuables in places such as an old-hollowed book shelf. There are so many places you can hide things in.

Did you know that you can hide things in bathroom tiles? You can even hide
things in weird places such as empty baked bean cans and cigarette lighters! Also things like candles!