Here is my scary event.

Yaren’s Scary events
Were you ever scared of anything when you were little? Well, if you were then here is my scary event.

When I was little I dared myself to watch scary videos…ghost videos! The first time I watched it I wasn’t really scared, but then when my mum told me to do something I would always say no because I was scared that a ghost was going to follow me and get me.

I was especially scared of the ghost called “Bloody Mary” with the hair on her face and she has a white dress. When I had to go to sleep I was really worried so I just closed my eyes because I was too scared. I was sweating with fear because I always thought that Bloody Mary was right next to me, but then after I turned the lights on and I started reading my book until I got tired and then I slept FINALLY!

Here are some other people’s scary events. They told me theirs as well, I asked the visitors and a person called Anna said to me that she was lost in a supermarket, that has actually happened to me too, and I was really petrified!

I have asked another visitor called Collin – he said that his brother showed him scary stuff that he wasn’t supposed to see but because of his brother he did and that time Colin was only 4 years old, so he was quite small.

And finally, another visitor (Alby) said to me his scary event was that when he was little he fell off his bike and he was covered in blood so they had to go to the hospital! Did you have a scary event? What was it?