Frog Legs & Soy Sauce

My personal favourite foods are: Mcdonalds, KFC, Sushi, Noodles, soy sauce with pasta, lahmacun, mac & cheese and chicken & gravy.

If you don’t know what lahmacun is, it is a type of Turkish pizza. Also,for those of you who don’t know what soy sauce with pasta is, basically it is coloured peppers, pasta, soy sauce, chicken, onion and garlic. Usually my mum makes it.

If it was a special day, I would want my mum to cook lahmacun or soy sauce and pasta.

If I was in Spain I would love to try paella. Also, if I went to Portugal I would have natas [custard tart].

If I went to France I would want to try frog legs because I’ve been told that it tastes like chicken.But I dont beleive it! I wonder what frog legs and soy sauce with pasta would taste like?