Family Time

Where were you when you were spending your family time?

My parents take me shopping for example J.D sports, specialising in sportswear and trainers. I play football with my cousins which I enjoy because I can challenge their football skills and I also play WWE (world wide entertainment),which is a fighting video game.I enjoy playing this game because its just fun and it is better than sitting doing nothing.

Sometimes I go out with my friends. We normally go to Dalston and Wood Green.In Wood Green I go to Tinsel Town. This is where I can eat and play games.

When I am at home, I like to watch ‘Release The Hounds’. This is a programme about a dog chasing people.I also enjoy watching ‘Regular Show’, this is a cartoon based on work with two main characters called Mordecai and Rigby. Normally I watch television with my family because it means I get to spend time with them.

What it is like for others: I interviewed Tera (my old volunteer) and she told me she lived with her aunty and her parents. Whilst she was growing up she would spend time with her grandparents.Her grand father was a magician (not a real one obviously but just as a hobbie to entertain the children). He always picked her out to help him with his tricks.