Double Deckers!


Hello my name is Jada and I’ll be telling you what I like to eat [ basically SWEETS!!], and what other people like.

I really like DOUBLE DECKERS which are chocholatey, gooey and rocky. IT’S SWEET HEVEN FOR ME!
I’m in LOVE with Revels, which have different types of chocolates in one bag! They include toffee, coffee, malteasers, and orange. My favourite is definitely toffee.

Other peole like rocky bars that are crunchy and toffee. Spanish onlite [HOME-MADE], which have a soft, gooey inside. Twix, in the olden days they were 3p now they are 60p or more, I can’t belive it!
Everyone loves a chocolate on the way home right?

Some people like cinnammon swirls, which are a type of pastry. Have you ever tried Polish food? It’s nice! For example, Pierage [polish dumplings] and Rosox [chiken soup].