Do People Have Puppies?


Do people have puppies?

I do not have a puppy, but I love puppies and I’m going to have one after this school year is over.

When I go to Pakistan for the summer, I will get a puppy because I can take care of it there and use it to scare cats away. My puppy is going to be a wonderful guard, and it will be fierce.

When I leave, it will sleep, and if it hears a cat, it will bark.

Other people had dogs and puppies when they were little. Ben had five dogs when he grew up in Antigua. They stayed in the yard. On Christmas day one year, the Mum dog gave birth to ten tiny puppies underneath Ben’s Mum’s bed. What a brilliant christmas present that must have been! Ben also had three cats. Sometimes the dogs barked and jumped on you. Ben loved to take his dogs to the beach where they swam and fished.

When Georgina was a child, her puppy chewed everything and ripped all of her toys to shreds.He even used to chew at the bottom of her trousers when she came home. The family couldn’t decide what to name him, but eventually they all decided that he should be named after his favourite hobby and so they called him Rip. I hope my puppy doesn’t rip up my toys and clothes!

I would call my puppy Popcorn. I hope you get a puppy too!