Clothes or Shoes?


Do you want to talk about clothes or shoes?  Well… stop everything your doing and let’s get started!

If you don’t where any clothes you will be naked for sure. Some facts I’ve researched told me that most clothes are from China. My favourite types of shoes to wear are Nike or Adidas because they have the best shoe that I have seen.

I’m not sure why people do not like clothes when they can be so colourful. The visitor Helen says she use to wear colourful tracksuit bottoms with bare feet. Another visitor called Shane use to wear beautiful Adidas shoes which apparently he never liked.

Do you know when I talked about where the clothes were from? Well… in China the clothes cost 99p to buy, this is because they’re second hand. The same pair of trousers costs £10.00 to buy in the UK. This is awesome for some people but not for me!