Call of Duty

Technology is a fun and exciting way to spend your freetime. I personally use a Marco soft laptop because it’s good for gaming. My favourite game is Call Of Duty since it’s unrealistic. Also I play on my PS4 with special controllers, which gives me advantages since it has trigger stops and pedals on the back of the controller to make me move quicker.

However, YouTube is also important. Did you know after 1,000 views you earn money? Also, did you know I have my own YouTube channel? I got inspired by Pewdiepie so now I have my own channel called The Prestige Project and I do gaming, tips and fun stuff. My friends are jealous because I am an expert YouTuber while they have rubbish content, ha ha ha…

However, technology 20-40 years ago was different. Video games had very basic graphics and unclear images. Tetris and Pacman were the most thrilling games of the time. Furthermore, there was such things as Nokia brickphones. I personally think they were irrelevant at the time as they were so plain and simple. Back then, learning was the main priority and people didn’t play with gadgets as much. Nevertheless, children would ride their bikes in their free time. Also, they went to rollerskate parks in neon shellsuits. In the early 1900s, they would need to work and would read books – a sad and depressing time for kids! I wonder what era you grew up in?