An Interview With Susanna

FASHION – an interview with Susanna
I like jackets that have no sleeves. What do you like Susanna?
I like skinny jeans and I wear the colour black a lot. I also like wearing my black leather boots – I wear them nearly every day.

Me too I wear my Ralph Lauren comfy boots.

Do you like Jordans?

I like the way they look, but I don’t wear trainers very much and I don’t own any Jordans. What about you?

I like jordans because they’re really good trainers for basketball. Do you like Flights?
I didn’t even know that Flights were a type of trainer! Can you tell me a bit about them? Do you have any?
Of course I got Jordans and Flights because they’re the same trainers and they’re in JD.

Have you ever seen photos of Kanye West as a child? His clothes are ridiculous!And its not just him – celebrities when they were children look so embarassing. Like when drake had glasses he looks geeky even though now he looks cool. When lil wayne was a child he looks cute and adorable, but now he’s am adult he looks awesome and I like his tattoo. Everyone looks different at different ages!