A Lovely Rabbit


I’d really love to have a dog (any dog! Hooooowl!) but the huge problem is that I can’t get one because my brother is a newborn! However, I’m allowed to get a lovely rabbit. I’m really excited to get a rabbit but I don’t know what to call it. Also, I will get a girl to make babies.

Do you know what the problem is with rabbits? Well, I will tell you, unfortunately they make too many babies so most people can’t look after them all. Also it only takes 31 days for the rabbit to be pregnant.

I don’t have a dog but I met someone who got one when they were eighteen years old. I felt really sorry for her beacouse she wanted to get one when she was four years old and had to wait for forteen years to get a dog. She has a dog called Fifi. She had ten cuddly cats in France!