A Block Game On PS3

What I like doing in my spare time

Hi my name is Jakub and I like computer games and drawing. I started drawing good pictures when my best friend taught me when I was 9. Also I liked his pictures because they were detailed. After a few days, we were talking about different games and films. We had something in common because we always loved Minecraft; it is like a block game on PS3.

I have a list of top three games. In the third place is Plants VS Zombies GW. In second place is Roblox. In the first place is Minecraft.

In the olden days artists painted with paint but not with crayons.The portraits of people were very detailed.When famous artists drew pictures and were finished, they were expensive. They didn’t have printers so they needed to be hand made. So pictures which were famous were displayed in galleries and they are still famous.

I wonder what games do you like? I wonder if you can draw pictures in Antartica…